Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whisk Gourmet And Catering

Hidden amongst the craziness of the mall and away from all the pre-teens and hormones, lies a restaurant that has grasped the essence of American dining while still adding their own unique flair. Whisk Gourmet and Catering is located near Sunset Place on 73rd and 56th Avenue and is tucked away behind the Chevron gasoline station in South Miami. In a celebration of our time off as teachers, we went there, Friday during winter break for lunch with our friends, Alexie and Natalie. Apparently, the Friday menu features their burgers and unfortunately it highlighted the one negative aspect, which was the amount of smoke from all the grilling. But, most of the smoke was overshadowed with a contemporary take on country decor mixed with touch of French cafe. In the true spirit of Southern inspired cooking, we began our food adventure with fresh brewed iced teas, homemade lemonade with just the right balance of sweet and tangy, along with a warm cornbread topped with pulled pork. Even though the cornbread paled in comparison to Natalie's take on the southern comfort carb and the pork was a little dry for our taste, the appetizer brought a buttery smile to our face and empty stomach.

Our palette was pleasantly surprised and corralled into a rodeo of flavor in our next round of food. We ordered four different sandwiches, each expressing new and healthy ways on American dining. I ordered the Roasted Turkey Sandwich, with it's brie cheese and cranberry mayo almost felt like Thanksgiving again. I switched sandwich halves with my friend, Alexie, who ordered the Hummus and Avocado Sandwich. As some of you may or may not know, my kryptonite is hummus and I currently believe that more than half of my body is made up of it since I eat soooooo much on a weekly basis. With it's alfalfa sprouts and fresh avocado on multigrain bread, it was so satisfying that I had to finish the remainder of my friends sandwich as well. The two Natalie's at the table traded off with the Grilled and Sliced Skirt Steak Sandwich and the Pimiento Cheese and Fried Green Tomato Sandwich. The skirt steak sandwich with it's red onion confit was a favorite, and we know my sister's kryptonite of leafy green arugula found in the fried green tomato sandwich was also a major hit with the ladies. And, there were certainly no complaints about the service. Our friendly waitress made great conversation with us and was quick to help in the decision process with much needed suggestions and was well versed and knowledgable of the menu.

To tally it all up. Drumroll please...

Whisk Gourmet and Catering:
Food: 8
Ambience: 8
Price: 7
Service: 8

"Wonder twin powers unite!"...we recommend to check it out and so do our friends...cause not only did the friends we went with recommend it, but we ran  into some more of our teacher friends enjoying the much needed break (Adriana, Melissa, and Ethel) who also love the little dive.

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