Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Town Kitchen and Bar

Being the crazy peeps that we are...we decided to make a grading scale for the places we visit. Everything will be graded on 1-10 scale. 1, being the worst, and 10 being the best. The location will be evaluated on 4 different categories consisting of taste, ambience, service, and price. 

So....let the grading begin. Our first place we are going to post about is Town Kitchen and Bar in South Miami near Sunset Place. Though for brunch on the weekends the place is a little treat with unlimited mimosas and yummy breakfast items, the dinner is a completely different story. We went there on Saturday night and dined outside because finally the winter weather in Miami was delicious...probably the only delicious thing of the night. We started off the night on a good note with the chicken nachos. It was great to have nachos where all the chips were crunchy and correctly balanced with the right amount of spiciness.  And then things started to go downhill from there...Natalie had "The Works" burger, I had the sliced steak sandwich, and our friend Enrique had "the Black and Blue" burger. It took at least a half hour to get our food, which came with no fries. Not only did the fries come when we were almost done with our burgers, but they came cold! 

It honestly is insulting when you go to a sit down restaurant and the roasted red peppers were not done on the grill, but rather from a jar you can get at the grocery store. Our friend Enrique, who usually finishes everything on his plate, could not complete the meal due to lack of flavor. In regards to service, the place failed miserably! We only saw are waiter 3 times in the span of almost two hours, and at one point I literally got up to find the pitcher of water and served ourselves a glass. For a sit down restaurant, in an upscale part of South Miami with other competing places nearby, the price of our food of $13-$16 for burgers and fries was completely not worth our time. 

To tally it all up:

Town Kitchen and Bar:
Food: 3
Ambience: 7
Price: 3
Service: 1

As far as dinner goes, they unfortunately will not be getting anymore business from this dynamic duo!

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